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Hospice Care Services for Aroostook County



The Aroostook House of Comfort provides the facility or “house” for patients to receive hospice care services. The medical care is administered by Northern Light Home Care & Hospice, the only local Medicare-certified hospice provider in the area. The care team includes a hospice physician, nurses, social workers, healthcare aides, spiritual care coordinator, bereavement support counselor, and trained volunteers, as well as a primary care physician or specialist.

Levels of Care

The hospice care team provides the following types of services or levels of care.

General Inpatient Care

This level of care is intended for patients who need pain and/or symptom management of a hospice admitting diagnosis.





Inpatient Respite Care

Respite care provides relief for the primary caregiver. While the Aroostook House of Comfort is providing care for the hospice patient, the caregiver can rest, go to appointments, or attend special events. The caregiver can stay at the hospice house if desired and let the staff take care of their loved one.

Continuous & Routine Home Care

These services are not provided by the Aroostook House of Comfort. For more information on home care services please call Northern Light Home Care & Hospice at 1-800-757-3326.




Who is eligible for hospice care?

When a patient begins to experience a decline in regular self-care capabilities or other life-limiting symptoms, a doctor may suggest hospice care.When a doctor determines that curative measures are no longer appropriate and estimates life expectancy to be six months or less, referrals can be made for hospice services. If Medicare Hospice Criteria are met, a hospice referral may be appropriate for people of any age and with most illnesses. If there are any questions regarding eligibility, please contact Northern Light Home Care & Hospice at 1-800-757-3326.

Who pays for hospice care?

All patients who meet the eligibility requirements are accepted regardless of ability to pay. Medicare or Medicaid patients will not be refused care or have their hospice care discontinued due to their inability to pay. A social worker can meet with the patient and family to address concerns and needs.The Aroostook House of Comfort does not bill insurances or receive payments for medical care. Northern Light Home Care & Hospice receives reimbursement for services from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances. Please contact Northern Light Home Care & Hospice with any billing or payment questions at 1-800-757-3326.


What People Say About Us

I have seen the compassionate care patient receive here. There is nothing but praise and gratitude from families that we now have this home atmosphere to treat all levels of patient suffering. The relief and stress are gone; families can relax and be there to support their loved one.

Nancy T. O’Neill, MD, FAAFP

The nurses, doctor, and volunteers treated us with the way you would want to be treated and our loved one was treated with gentle care and loving attention.  The facility was so well planned, giving families room to spend with a loved one, and spaces for a few minutes of quiet time. We are so thankful for the experience.

Judy Kenney, family of Virginia Packard

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