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What People Say About Us

“When our family's world felt as though it was falling apart as we grappled with the impending loss of my mom, the question around how we would proceed to put her at ease in her final days had an easy answer for us. The Aroostook House of Comfort is such a gift to our community and families in northern Maine. While I wish no one ever had to utilize their services, when families need help with a dying loved one, there is no other place I would turn to or recommend than the Aroostook House of Comfort. Their staff was incredibly attentive, providing comfort and guidance not just to Mom but to all of us in the family during and after her passing. If you have a loved one who may need end-of-life care, I can recommend no other facility and team higher than the Aroostook House of Comfort. If you can, please consider contributing to their Foundation. Death is a part of life that we all hope to avoid for as long as possible, but when the day eventually comes, having this facility in our community providing their help in someone's final moments makes all the difference in the world for that person and those they leave behind.”


- Trey Stewart

"The Aroostook House of Comfort, to me and my family, was a place in Presque Isle that we knew as “The Hospice House.” On August 3, our family started looking at this place in a different light and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. When we drove up, the first thing we noticed was the beautiful landscaping, the peaceful aura of the place itself, and the warm, inviting atmosphere of the building. The team was getting Dad settled in his new room. We were greeted by an extremely friendly volunteer who welcomed us and ushered us into a room where Dr. Jones was waiting for us. Our experience with the House was nothing short of amazing. I can’t say enough good things about the place itself, the staff that works and volunteers there, or the amazing mission of the organization.” 


- Tony Lahey

“The House of Comfort is a wonderful facility for end-of-life care. My Dad went for a week of respite care, and I can't thank the staff enough for all they do. It really is a "House of Comfort." I felt very much at home when visiting Dad. The atmosphere is of a quiet nature. There are various sitting areas, a fireplace, and a kitchen area. The staff are friendly and there for you and your loved ones anytime, day or night. I love you, Pop. From the bottom of my heart, I say "thank you" to the entire staff at the House of Comfort.” 


- Becky Hare 

“Once Jim was admitted to the Aroostook House of Comfort, we both felt like a huge weight had literally been lifted off our shoulders. These angels on earth efficiently, compassionately, and lovingly allowed me to be Jim's wife rather than his primary caregiver. The doctors, nurses, aides, and volunteers took care of both of us. They also understood the importance of visitors, family, friends, and even our Golden Retriever Teddy. We were all treated with dignity and allowed to say goodbye as we lost Jim. There was no judgment and I now think of many of the staff as friends. I have many stories to tell but suffice it to say that I will forever be indebted to the Aroostook House of Comfort.” 


- Rosalie Dwyer 

“When my father, Danny Albert, was at the House of Comfort, I felt so incredibly thankful that my family and I could be there with him in such a beautiful and supportive environment, during that part of his journey. It’s a bizarre feeling to be suffering and grieving while in a place of peace. The House of Comfort is (surprisingly) exactly that, a place of peace that lifts the weight of tragedy off your shoulders enough so you can breathe and be present, knowing your loved one is being cared for. We were able to enjoy several beautiful, tender moments with my father at the House of Comfort that I don’t believe we would have if he would have passed away at home. He was able to enjoy little treats like soda and milkshakes that he hadn’t been able to tolerate until being there, snuggles with his beloved puppy—Roscoe, visits with long-time friends, and lots of reminiscing, we as family were remarkably cared for by the staff, and most importantly my father received the most compassionate and exceptional care. It’s heartbreaking to see someone you love so deeply pass away, but when you know their last days and hours were spent in comfort and peace, it’s a gift to be so thankful for. We are eternally grateful for the House of Comfort and all that it gave to our family.”


- Kelsey Anderson

“From the moment the Aroostook House of Comfort hospice team got involved, we felt such a load lifted from our shoulders. So many people were involved in so many helpful ways. Her medications, personal care, pain control. All the things that we could not adequately do anymore. She now had qualified, competent, caring, and gifted people to care for her. We are still so moved and touched by the kindness and compassion of everyone involved.”


- Lillian Goughan

"I want to thank you for making my mother’s last hours truly of comfort and care. It was really the best environment to say farewell to our mother. I appreciate the care, gentleness, and compassion she and our family received during that time. The County is fortunate to have such a facility of caring people to help during those incredibly difficult times.


Credit for building the lemonade stand, the sales, and the effort go to the kids who created it all: Reid, age eight at the time, who’s nine now, Graham, age seven, and Julianne, age five. Their first day of “business” happened to be on mother’s birthday and at a time when I was reflecting a great deal on her. I really hope somehow, she felt the love and focus on her during this process."


- Nicole Carrier

"My first experience with the Aroostook House of Comfort was in December of 2019, when my mom, Nancy C. Violette, needed hospice care. I didn't know much about the place or its services for our area. My mom, however, had previously visited a friend there and thought it was beautiful. I am so glad that she got the opportunity to spend her last days there, especially for someone who lived on a fixed income. It was homey, inviting, and stress-free! We ended up spending Christmas with her there. The staff at AHOC prepared a big Christmas dinner. Mom had asked us to cook for her. So we brought a few things, and the volunteers and staff went along with our plan to let her think we played a big part in cooking. It made her so happy! She said we couldn't have done it better!"


- Fallan Robertson

"Reflecting on our Aroostook House of Comfort experience even further, I recall chatting with Fr. Dave Raymond at my Dad’s funeral and describing the AHOC as the steppingstone between earth and heaven, a comforting and peaceful place that helped us all with Dad’s transition from this world to the next. My 91-year-old father, Kenneth Habeeb, was at the House of Comfort for about 33 hours. During those hours, I was able to be his daughter as opposed to his caregiver, which I was alongside my wonderful mother for several years. I am so thankful for that. I have so much more that I want to say to you and the entire staff, but there are simply no words to express my deep appreciation. I’m extremely emotional and humbled by what I witnessed and what I experienced during my father’s brief stay. As a token of our sincere appreciation, we have placed a check in the mail for a stone on Remembrance Way in memory of my father. Thank you for the most wonderful experience at one of the most difficult times in my life. I am truly humbled and forever blessed.”


- Terri L. Ouellette

"We had known about the House of Comfort through our friendship with Rick, Nancy, Mike and others. People don’t usually like to think about their “end options" but knowing them and the wonderful place that they’ve created made it a place we thought about. When Mom first talked with the family about what to do when her body couldn’t battle the cancer anymore, we all told her that it was up to her and what she felt comfortable with. While she first went to the House of Comfort for pain management, it was obvious that her goodbye was coming sooner than we thought and we were so thankful that there was a room available. And while it was heartbreaking, one of her first words about the situation when she got there was that she felt at peace. We felt like we were in a home, rather than a sterile environment. The cozy atmosphere, the extra touches like the quilts and homemade goodies in the kitchen, music playing, a tree glowing in the living room by the fireplace and the caring staff made the hardest time in our lives a bit easier. We were not there as the caregivers but were able to spend the last days together as a family."

- The Family of Margaret J. Wright

“We have a great appreciation for the staff, service, and care provided to our father and our entire family during his stay at the Aroostook House of Comfort. They were easy to work with and took care of every detail so that we could spend our father's final days together as a family. The AHOC staff is kind, compassionate, and cared for our father and all of us with dignity and respect. AHOC provided care for our family well beyond the passing of our father. We cannot thank them enough for what they did for us.”

Jeff Clockedile 

“My father lived at the Aroostook House of Comfort for 13 days before he passed. Dad and the family were welcomed on arrival. Dr. Jones was there to greet Dad and meet with the family. My father was treated every day with kindness and compassion. Our family felt welcome, and we were there daily. This is the most wonderful place, and we are so blessed to have it in our area.”




Ruthann Weeks

"My Dad lived a wonderful, productive life as a farmer, agricultural newscaster, and USDA senior executive. After his cancer reappeared, he told my wife Suzanne that if he could no longer live in his apartment, the only place he wanted to be was at the Aroostook House of Comfort. About a week before his passing, Dad went into hospice care. First, he received in-home care and eventually he was moved to the House of Comfort. While he was where he wanted to be, unfortunately he didn’t have the time he was hoping for to enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the House. But I believe that was where he wanted to be, and once there, was at peace with God.


Our family has had lots of experience with hospice care—Suzanne’s father, my mother, our son-in-law, and then Dad. Our daughter lost her husband to cancer and cared for him while he received in-home hospice care. She was with us when Dad passed and later told me that she now “gets it” about why the House of Comfort is so important. She was amazed at the level of compassionate care given to Dad by the staff at the House. Being a caregiver is mentally and emotionally taxing and having volunteers as well as professional staff there to support and comfort families is a gift to them. The Aroostook House of Comfort has an atmosphere that is calm, private, and home-like, giving patients and family a comfortable space to be in during such a challenging time. The House is indeed a special place—a special blessing."

Ray Hews & Family

The nurses, doctor, and volunteers treated us with the way you would want to be treated and our loved one was treated with gentle care and loving attention.  The facility was so well planned, giving families room to spend with a loved one, and spaces for a few minutes of quiet time. We are so thankful for the experience.

Judy Kenney, family of Virginia Packard

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