We are all just walking each other home. - Ram Dass

The death of a loved one creates many changes for family members and friends, but especially for caregivers. For weeks, months, or even years, life has been focused on meeting the everyday needs of your loved one. Life is suddenly different as the focus is now forever changed.

We are pleased to announce their 10th Annual Aroostook House of Comfort Golf Classic will be held Saturday, June 17th, at the Presque Isle Country Club. The Golf Classic has become the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts, raising over $370,000.

"Arm in arm, Mom and I entered in, shedding our roles as caregivers and reclaiming our identities as mother and daughter. We were greeted by a volunteer and guided to a quiet waiting space. The provider sat with us after evaluating Dad, ensuring he would be cared for and kept comfortable in a way we could not guarantee him at home. Upon entering his room, he was tucked in under a beautiful quilt, the sun shining across his face." — Abbey Clair

Dealing with change after the death of a loved one can be a struggle like nothing one has ever faced before. Often the loss can have us feeling overwhelmed, confused, and grief-stricken. Read more and also find information on upcoming support groups.