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The Circle of Care Award: Elizabeth “Bethie” Walsh

The Circle of Care Award recognizes a staff member who is dedicated to helping individuals and families on their journey through hospice care.


Why did you choose hospice care as a career path?    

"I have always wanted to work with hospice patients. I feel how you die is as important as how you come into this world. Death is a part of life. We fear the unknown, so with hospice we can educate about the dying process and the interventions we use when there are symptoms."


How long have you worked at AHOC?    

Since we opened the door in 2018.


How does your work help the patients, families, and your community? 

"Everyone deserves to die with dignity and peace, and I feel we do that."


What is special about AHOC? 

"The feeling of home and warmth. We are a small facility and make it a point to get to know our patients and their families.  I think that makes a difference."


What is most rewarding about your job?  

"It’s about taking some of the burden of caregiving off the husband, wife, or child so they can just be present with their loved one. I feel honored to be trusted to care for the dying."