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Healing Hearts: Goughan Family

"Our family wants to thank you for the care you gave our mother, Sarah Jane Goughan. Our heart still aches at the loss of her. I remember the day so clearly when my brother Chip and I met with Dr. Jones, Gail, and Jenny. By the end of our conversation, it became clear that my brother and I would be pursuing possible nursing home care. 


Even though I did not want to admit it, it was true; her care had come to a point that could not be managed by family anymore. The day of our meeting, as we were making our way to the door, Dr. Jones appeared to share with us that they would accept my mother. We just stood in amazement with much sense of relief. An answer to prayer. The day prior, my mom had said to me almost in desperation, “Lele, you have got to get me to the House of Comfort.” All I could say to give her hope was, “We are working on it.” She knew she was entering a stage that our family was unable to provide for her the care she needed. 


From the moment the Aroostook House of Comfort hospice team got involved, we felt such a load lifted from our shoulders. So many people were involved in so many helpful ways. Her medications, personal care, pain control. All the things that we could not adequately do anymore. She now had qualified, competent, caring, and gifted people to care for her. We are still so moved and touched by the kindness and compassion of everyone involved. The very first day she arrived, we felt like she was in such a peaceful, beautiful environment. Like a home away from home. It was so nice just to be able to enjoy our time with her. Talking, sharing pictures from family, holding her hand, kissing her, telling her how much we loved her. It was such a relief, being able to lay our heads down at night without a worry about how she was cared for—whether she was safe, whether she was in pain, whether she felt scared or alone. That was such a gift for a family.


To have her family by her side as she passed was what she wanted—feeling our love and presence. Only God could have answered such a prayer. He took her on a journey that started with oncology to palliative care to hospice. 


In keeping with our parents’ faith and desire to help those less fortunate, we are making this gift with a high degree of confidence that it is done with their approval and wishes. It would be our hope that with this gift, the services of Aroostook House of Comfort could be made available to another family so that they too could be comforted in a time of need and experience the love and compassion which you showed our mother." – Lillian Goughan

Donald and Sarah Goughan with Alfred “Chip”, Lillian Ouellette, and Mark Goughan

Parents Donald and Sarah Jane Goughan, Mark and Gloria Goughan, Alfred “Chip” and Teresa Goughan, and Lillian and Lionel Ouellette, Jr.